BB Authentic Original Sportswear is a new and exciting online sportswear apparel business that has been in development for the past few years and is ready to launch its "GOTUBABE" TM logowear on a new platform website from shopify. Our apparel and sportswear can be worn all year round for all sorts of sports, and daily activity. We provide a wide assortment of items that will suit and uniform people of all ages. We are a full line sportswear apparel company and operate from Indianapolis, Indiana and hope to expand to other cities throughout the nation in the near future. We are a diverse company that has partnered with major manufacturers, suppliers and our warehouses that distribute from 5 regions of the United States to ship worldwide. Our team members have been in business for decades, and have proven capable of providing the products and services on a timely basis. The team consists of a collective group of seasoned professionals who have many years of experience in the sportswear manufacturing, direct to garment printing, embroidery, and retail marketing industry.

For information about licensing our "GOTUBABE" TM logowear please send an email about your interests. Only registered businesses and licensed vendors are encouraged to inquire. 

Be sure to browse our e-catalogs and make contact with us for any products that you are interested in purchasing.

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